Welcome & Do I Hate My Job Enough?

Welcome! I’m going to be a blogger now and maybe you’ll find something here interesting or of entertainment value! In general this blog is going to mostly involve things which are important, interesting, or funny to me. I’ll be sharing things that catch my eye and pique my curiosity. I’ll try to keep it positive…or at least real! Also, I’m an adult and I write about adult topics, and include adult humor and themes in my writing. So there’s that. Generally, I don’t tailor my work to a young audience, but more toward an audience that is young at heart…whatever that should mean. Also, I don’t get off on offending people. If you are offended by anything I write, you should know my intention was not to offend, and there’s not much I can do about your particular sensitivities anyhow, so I won’t try. I also won’t apologize. But, I will listen and consider. Feel free to call me out on things you find objectionable and I promise to take reasonable critique into account. Otherwise, relax and maybe try to enjoy something here! According to Kafka, “The meaning of life is that it stops.” So there’s that, too. We end up in a box, and I figure that we might as well try to laugh a little and find some pleasure before we, stop. Thanks for reading.


On Friday, I had quite an exchange with my boss regarding how I seem to constantly get screwed at work. I’m in adult education, and while I’m not in the lowest realm of hell where they have to teach children, it’s still not great. Seeing as I am an academic with a long list of degrees in the humanities, I guess I should just be happy to have a job. I’m not. I don’t like the job and I don’t like the angle administration is working either. I don’t like to complain, but I will speak up if I feel like we teachers are being shafted. Friction. Although I wouldn’t classify myself as conflict seeking, I’m certainly not conflict averse. Disagreement and respectful conflict can create healthy in-betweens where new things can grow. That’s my take on it at least. Seems most people are happy to keep their heads down and to get through the days, but I want my work to mean something. Change is life. Things that don’t change are dead things. No.

My current conundrum revolves around how to get out of my current job and move on. I feel it’s time to grow. My colleagues are great, even the headless administration are not all bad, and I do believe they really are making do and the best of a constraining situation, but I just have got to go. Still, it’s tough at the best of times for humanities grads to find well-paid employment, and now is no different. While I do know that risk is a growing pain, I find it hard to settle on whether or not just now is the right time to be taking risks in my life, but if not now when? If I’d gestated only a couple of years longer, I’d be a millennial. Those blessed beings who grew up with so many screens got distracted by the two-dimensional light image and keyboards, and as the world changed around them, they didn’t even notice. The worst part being, of course, that their families, communities, governments didn’t bother pulling them away from the flashing long enough that they could stand a fighting chance once everything finally stopped spinning. No, I’m not one of them, but I could be. Only, I saw the wheel of fortune be spun, I saw that aged but stunning showgirl turn the tiles, I saw the spinner guess wrong and lose it all. I heard everyone at home screaming the correct phrase at the screen, I felt their spittle bouncing off their chunky TV sets, I groaned along with the collective groan. Idiot. Like I said, I’m not a millennial, but I could be, only I reckon I’ve seen too much.

I hate my job, but who doesn’t? I mean, I don’t hate my job to the point of developing ulcers or having anxiety attacks at the prospect of Monday morning rolling back around, but it still totally sucks and the pay is abysmal. I’ve been weighing, in relation to other things I hate, just how intensely I hate my job, and it comes in at right above knowing that I will have to likely be medicated for the rest of my life just to be able to see, yet below the flaming inferno of hatred I hold for the current US executive administration. I can’t imagine hating anything more than the Orange Menace and the Bride of Chucky doppelganger that is Kellyanne Conway. My big question is, do I hate my job enough to take that big risk right now? Does anyone have a similar experience that they’ve maybe found a clever way out of? If so, I’d love to hear about it!